Property Management Company Hamilton King Management Limited

Hamilton King Management Limited specialises in managing residential apartments and developments throughout the UK. The company handles both new, modern developments, as well as older developments that have been refurbished or renovated. The staff members who work at Hamilton King have significant experience in the property management industry, and the company operates out of two different offices located in Great Britain. Together, these offices provide affordable property management services, ensuring that residential complexes operate effectively and efficiently. These services include the maintenance of common areas within a complex, as well as the management of finances to ensure contractors are paid and that rents and service charges are received and processed.

The first of the two offices that Hamilton King has is located in Altrincham. This is the accounts office, and it is responsible for all of the financial administration operations, such as calculating service charges and collecting them, as well as ground rents. This office manages these funds to ensure that each development has the resources needed for maintenance and repairs, and conducts audits to make sure that all of the funds are being handled effectively. Whenever a tenant wishes to make an alteration on his or her flat, that request is also handled through the Altrincham office.

Another office for Hamilton King Management Limited is located in London, which is the estates office. This office is primarily responsible for communication with the lessees of the developments that Hamilton King manages, particularly when it comes to maintenance issues. The London staff members coordinate tenant requests for repairs, and also manage the contracts for routine maintenance items, like landscaping and cleaning crews for the common areas. Another area handled by the London office is regulatory compliance, ensuring that risk assessments are carried out and consultants hired whenever necessary.

Hamilton King provides a number of other services to lessees, including ensuring that properties are properly insured. The company also strives to provide value to lessees by ensuring all services provided are the most cost-effective available, with the best value for the money. This includes finding the best contractors for the right price, and ensuring all redecorating or refurbishing projects are awarded to those with the best contract terms and pricing. Through these services, Hamilton King enables lessees to enjoy affordable housing of the highest quality possible for the price.